Where to Go for Dental Tourism?

Where to Go for Dental Tourism?

Today many people are choosing to travel outside their countries for medical treatments, and of all the medical services that people are traveling for, dentistry attracts foreign patients the most.

The two prime reasons prompting aspiring American and European tourists to seek alternatives in foreign lands are cost and quality of care.

Once you have decided to go overseas for the treatment, you may confront with many possible dental tourism locations. Though there are several dental tourism destinations but not all of them are offering solutions at competitive prices or the superior quality.

There are 4 effective cosmetic dentistry hubs that you can consider to have your problem teeth fixed. These countries are:


In this South Asian country, all dental treatments are reasonably priced. Cosmetic dentistry procedures including teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening, fillings, implants, crowning, veneers, and bridges are terribly overpriced in the First World countries including America, Canada and the United Kingdom. Shopping in Indian market for dentistry procedures can save you hundreds of dollars. In some cases, the costs can be as little as half of price in your local clinic. What is more advantageous is that you have not to compromise quality of care for these cost savings.


Dental tourism is growing rapidly as a subsector of medical tourism in Thailand. A vast number of price-conscious dental tourists fly to Thailand every year for a variety of treatments along with a relaxing vacation in this South Asian Kingdom. Western patients seeking major dental surgery can avail it for as little as one tenth of what it is at home and sometimes even less, without cutting corners on quality.


Visiting dentists in Mexico can shave nearly half off your dental bill for your dental treatment, and more if you need extensive dental work. Dentistry in Mexico produces significant savings specifically for Americans as this Latin American country shares its borders with some major US states including San Diego and California, saving significant time and money for US denizens who can fly, drive or even walk across the border to get their dental problem fixed.

Costa Rica

Located in Central America, Costa Rica has become one of the premier dental tourism destinations in the world, thanks to the availability of reliable and affordable solutions for virtually every kind of oral problem. Procedures like implants, crowns, bridges and veneers can be surprisingly cheaper in Costa Rica than in the US, Canada or Australia. There are a number of ultra-modern clinics fully equipped with the latest techniques and advanced infrastructure.