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Cerebral Palsy Treatment In Kolkata Treated In Number Of Ways

It has been observed that some children are not normal which means that they cannot act or behave normally as other kids of their age can do. They are born with some deformity or any disorder which restricts the function of the body because their nervous system is very weak. The human brain is certainly the master controller of our body which sends signals to different parts and the organs function accordingly. But in the case of cerebral palsy the sensory nerves fail to carry out the instructions of the brain. It therefore, creates a situation which causes physical disability in the human development. Cerebral in scientific terms means brain and palsy means improper muscular growth. In short it can also be referred to as a kind of paralysis. According to the doctors, the person looses the body sensations while some of the body movements become uncontrollable. The children are mostly affected by this disease. As per the medical report, the child will show signs and symptoms of abnormal behavior during the first three years after his birth. Some of the common symptoms of cerebral palsy are as follows:

There are different types of cerebral palsy such as Spastic Cerebral palsy, Athetoid CP, Hypotonic CP and others. It is not that the treatment for this disease is not available. You will have to consult a pediatrician as soon as you observe the abnormal behavior of your child. The Cerebral palsy treatment in Kolkata entirely depends on the requirements of the person. At first, the doctor will try to figure out the exact reason for this disease and it can be done through the proper consoling of the child. The specialist doctor may require the assistance of some other people such as a health visitor or a social worker. Some doctors are of the opinion that cerebral palsy can also be caused due to malnutrition or improper diets of the mother during pregnancy.

The cerebral palsy treatment in Kolkata begins with the aim of bringing back the sensations of the nerves which have been lost. Alternatively, the child specialist also focuses on making the weak muscles stronger. The parents need to be aware of the fact that all vaccines are given at the stipulated time. The doctor may adopt two vital methods such as interpersonal therapy and occupational therapy. But there are some other medications as well. Botulinum toxin vaccines are administered into the muscles to loosen it. These injections can be very painful but at the same time it is necessary as well. Some other techniques can also be followed which includes surgery, orthotics, self control and more participation and communication.