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Multivitamin Supplementation For Children

Advancement of bones, teeth, boosted memory as well as fast development calls for added consumption of vitamins as well as minerals. Lion Kids with Vitamin D CaliVita is a high quality item, made specifically for children, to guarantee vitamins as well as minerals that children require so a lot. Children with vitamin D shortage are tired, have a large stomach, have a reduced resistance to infection as well as provide reduced performance in day-to-day tasks.

Growth of bones, teeth, improved memory and also fast development calls for extra consumption of vitamins and also minerals. In instance of poor food usage, qualitative and also measurable, there is a danger that the body does not get the minerals and also vitamins needed for optimum advancement as well as regrowth. Lion Kids with Vitamin D CaliVita is a high quality item, made particularly for children, to guarantee vitamins and also minerals that children require so a lot. Children with vitamin D shortage are tired, have a huge tummy, have a reduced resistance to infection and also offer reduced performance in everyday tasks.

Multivitamin Supplementation For Children

Children need more vitamins than adults. Good health based on energy intake starts from the first moments of our existence and lasts a lifetime. Development of bones, teeth, enhanced memory and rapid growth requires additional intake of minerals and vitamins. Otherwise, there are deficiencies, with multiple consequences such as sequelae of rickets, weak immune system, chronic fatigue, etc., all affecting the growth and development of children. A correct diet ensures normal and harmonious development of body, growing health, resistance of environmental factors, intellectual and physical capacity, and greater longevity forward.

Infant alimentation is far from ideal though this age need a rational and appropriate food intake. In case of inadequate food consumption, quantitative and qualitative, there is a risk that the body does not receive the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal development and regeneration. Major imbalances may cause serious problems in the development and normal growth of children and also can influence greatly future adult health.

In addition, external factors (stress, artificial light, environmental pollution, ionizing radiation, food preservatives, medicines, etc.) increase vitamin needs for growing bodies. The main purpose of alimentation is to eliminate hunger and to ensure the expulsion of nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts necessary for optimal body functioning.

The most modern product containing vitamin D, made especially for children, Lion Kids + vitamin D is ideal for them, because vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood and ensure permanent presence of sufficient amounts of substances that make up bone, prevents rickets, whose main symptoms are abnormalities of the teeth, painful deformity of the bones, slowing growth.

Our children are very active and should pay special attention to healthy development of bones that underlies the locomotor status in adulthood. Also a physical and mental health allows him to have greater results in school and a better chance of integration in modern society dominated by the competitive spirit. It is recommended to offer our children all year round modern multi-vitamins containing vitamin D, to be sure that we have created the optimal physical and mental development for them.

It’s never too early to start a healthy life. A strong and healthy child is better in school, both physically and mentally. Do not make compromises when it comes to development and health of your baby! Give them all the best! Chewable tablets are gladly accepted by children because of their form of animals and the good taste.

Modern life and its fast pace often cause both us and our children to have a poor diet: fast-food products, fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate and other sweets consumed too much fall the opportunity to develop healthy bones and teeth especially in children.

Strong and healthy kids give a physical and intellectual efficiency much higher in school activities, then integrating well in the competitive system. Lion Kids with Vitamin D CaliVita is a quality product, made especially for children, to ensure vitamins and minerals that children need so much. This supplement contains vitamins A, E, C and B, and vitamin D.
Vitamin D interferes with calcium absorption and fixation in bone mass. Vitamin D deficiency occurs mostly in fall and winter and lowers calcium uptake and utilization, leading to a slightdeformation of bones, under the influence of mechanical factors (weight, traction, small injuries), and the occurrence of typical signs of rickets: bone demineralization, sweating, lack of or decrease in muscle strength, digestive disorders. Children with vitamin D deficiency are tired, have a big belly, have a low resistance to infection and give low efficiency in daily activities.