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Things to Consider Before You Start a Daycare

Things to Consider Before You Start a Daycare
There is something very modern about the suburbs. The suburbs and the suburban lifestyle is a concept which arrived with the baby boomers. It got a lift with implementation and rising use of company tele-commuting and flextime. Suburbs and new real estate housing developments have continued to rise up. Even with the financial crisis, people still need new houses. This is especially true for young families. Bottom line is that the suburbs were designed for and is heavily populated by new families.
If you’re going to start a business, you can start a daycare in the suburbs. New families in new communities mean that there are no established daycares for pre-school age children. This does look like the perfect congruence of events, but there is still a lot of work to do before you can have your own home-based business.
You have to ask yourself how to start a daycare. Treat this as a project which ends with you running a daycare service. Also remember that a daycare is a business and you have to see that at some point in time you would be earning money from this endeavor.
Even before you start a daycare, especially in a new neighborhood or housing development in the suburbs, one of the first things you have to do is do a headcount. Count the number of children. Count the number of pre-school kids. Count the number of young families with child-bearing age women. After doing all the counting of the current population, count the number of empty vacant lots or vacant houses. The numbers you compile will give you an idea of the initial enrollment. The vacant houses and lots gives you the potential enrollment.
These are the numbers which will become your foundation. It is important that the people in the neighborhood know you, and the you introduce yourself to everyone new who just moved in. Community relations and word of mouth is what will keep your daycare running from the very beginning.
No business should ever start without a feasibility study. The above numbers of the immediate area’s current and potential population are the starting point. After you see the numbers and are confident of the potential, then you can start a feasibility study. The aim of the study is to find out from an objective viewpoint and backed by hard data, if the whole venture will succeed. Once the parameters for success are laid down by the study you now have to create a business plan which incorporates the prior study’s recommendations.
At this point, and even before going into organizing the business, you have to find out if you have the drive and passion to educate and take care of children. Children are natural empaths and can feel the emotions of adults. Managing daycares means that you will not only take care of children, but that you also need to care for them. Passion for taking care of children cannot be understated.
At the end of the day, the success of a daycare center is about the rapport with the children. The financial returns of a daycare are secondary to knowing that you have contributed to the children’s early education.
Starting a daycare doesn’t have to be so difficult. You can find tips and helpful advice at .