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Benefits of Hospital Cash Policy

Good health is certainly the most valuable asset that human beings have. However, this seems to be a thing of the past because of increasing stress level, continuous work-related travelling, fast-paced lifestyle and dependence on junk food. The susceptibility to diseases is increasing at an alarming rate even among youngsters. On the top of that, ever rising cost of healthcare makes it simply impossible to get quality treatment to maintain good health.

What to do in such a case? Where to get enough supply of funds when savings for rainy days are not sufficient? The answer to all such questions is – hospital cash policy. This is a comprehensive insurance plan that gives you complete freedom from all your concerns and worries. Available for individuals as well as entire family, it offers a range of benefits. The best part is that you can manage hospital expenses without any worry.

Key Features:

The policy not only covers daily hospitalization expenses but also offers cash benefits in the case of ICU. The plan can be taken by individuals as well as family. In case of individual policy, the person is given the coverage of up to 100 percent of the sum assured. As far as family policy is concerned, the adults are subjected to 100 percent of the sum assured whereas children are given the coverage of up to 50 percent of the sum assured.

The hospital cash plan can be purchased for any number of years. Initially, you can buy it for 1 or two years and later on can renew it for life. You also have complete flexibility to add top ups if you think you require a higher coverage level. Nowadays, it has become extremely easy to customize the policy depending upon the individual needs.

In short, this is the best way to assure good health for self, spouse and children. However, it is wise to make a research before sticking to a company or a particular policy. Take some time and shortlist the options that you think best suit your needs. Analyze your specific requirements and match them with the policy offerings and choose the best among them. Apart from this, always associate yourself with a reputed company so that you eliminate every possibility of fraud.