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Cranial Osteopathy in Children’s

Osteopathy is a complementary medical practice that developed in the late 18thcentury. Today, it is practiced in several forms. One such form is cranial osteopathy. Cranial Osteopathy is suited to children asit is very is known as paediatric osteopathy. This therapy encourages the body to heal itself. It can make all body organs contact with each other and start functioning effectively. Cranial Osteopathy does not use drugs, only the natural healing power of the body. It is completely painless and liked by babies and children.

Osteopathy for children: Osteopathy in children is caused by many reasons and it is quite natural phenomenon. Osteopathy practice allows the body to heal itself assisted by the practitioner.

Osteopathy is also effective in the treatment of babies. In osteopathy for babies, a little more care should be taken because they are more sensitive. Babies with feeding difficulties and settling difficulties can often be assisted by Cranial Osteopathy. The process of cranial osteopathyfor babies is quite calming and the baby may fall asleep. After the treatment they may be more engaging. It requires almost four to six sittings to provide complete cranial treatment for babies.

For children,osteopathy is somewhat different due to their greater capacity to understand what is being asked of them. During this osteopathictreatment for children, osteopathy treatment parents should be present to make them comfortable and feel at rest. During the treatment they can read a fairy tale with their child or the child’s attention can be diverted by playing with their favourite toy.

Experience: It takes many years of training but even more years in clinical practice to really understand how to connect with and treat babies and young children. Babies and Children can be very engaging and communicate with the practitioner well before they become verbal. Babies who have had difficult births will often welcome contact with the Cranial Osteopathy Practitioner as they find the interaction very calming and capable of removing their symptoms. Mothers can be delighted with this result. Older children often ask their mother or carer to bring them back to the Osteopath as they find the experience so rewarding.