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Newborn Baby Care – Basic yet Best Parenting Tips

There’s an old saying that when you give birth to a baby you give birth to your baby common sense at the same time. In other words, don’t worry beforehand that you won’t know anything about newborn baby care because much of what you need to know will come naturally to you. You’re bound to be given lots of parenting tips by well-meaning friends and family, but in those early days your baby’s development will rely almost entirely on being fed, clean and comfortable.

Feeding is simple, especially if you are breastfeeding baby, and her comfort depends mainly on her being kept clean, having a regularly-changed nappy and a clean, comfy bed to sleep in. Your baby’s development will not depend on how fancy her bed is or how coordinated her sheets!

Here is some basic newborn baby care parenting tips on keeping your baby clean and comfortable:

Phil And Teds Strollers Are a Good Choice For Newborn Babies

Whether you are looking for basic baby carrier or a fashion perfect newborn stroller, Phil & Teds strollers are the best. This is the most trusted brand and this popular brand offers the widest range of strollers in the market. The great thing about its products is that they are durable, user-friendly, and affordable and come with full recliner seats and safety features. Whether it is a jogging stroller, all-terrain carrier, combo or pram, this brand has all the varieties. Parents shopping for strollers can find popular products from this brand at cost effective price in every child furniture store.

In this time and age, when everything is going by the fashion way, parents look for a baby carrier that they can alter, decorate and color to make it a fashion statement. This is the new trend and if you are one, who is looking for a fashion perfect baby carrier, then look no further than Phil & Teds strollers. This brand has delivered some of the most beautiful and bestselling baby carriers to the market and there could be no denying to this fact. Visit any child furniture store and ask for an attractive baby carrier. The store owner will show you one from Phil & Teds brand.

Jogging Phil & Teds strollers are very popular among new mothers as they want to shed the extra weight they gained during pregnancy. These lightweight strollers come with air filled tires for a smooth ride for newborn babies. To ensure a safe and secure ride for the baby, the manufacturer fixes plenty of safety features to the jogging carriers. One such feature is the emergency wrist straps. During jogging, there are chances that you may lose control over the stroller. Emergency wrist straps can help you take full control of the carrier when jogging or brisk walking.

The most important feature of a baby carrier is how easy it is to fold and how small the carrier can become when folded. A majority of parents overlook this feature and buy bulky strollers that are difficult to fold. Phil & Teds strollers are very easy to fold and the good thing about these baby carriers is that they become very small when folded. Remember you need a stroller only when you want to take your baby out. A large baby carrier will look like an unnecessary object when it is kept at home.