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4 Benefits of Oral Surgery That Will Lessen Your Fear of the Knife

Face it. Nobody wants to have oral surgery. Even if you know you need it and the results will be worth it, the thought of an oral surgeon messing around in your mouth illicit terror. You’re not alone. Many people refuse to take care of their dental health as they do their physical health simply because they are afraid. What they don’t understand is poor dental health causes poor physical health. Don’t be afraid of dental surgery. Here are four reasons why you should see an oral surgeon to rectify your dental issues.

1. Overall Health and Wellness

Scientists have discovered that some physical ailments can actually be caused by poor dental health. There is a connection between your oral and your physical health, and this makes sense if you take a moment to think about it. If you do not take care of your mouth, you swallow bacteria from gum disease and other infections. This introduces the bacteria into your digestive system and thereby your bloodstream, which can cause a number of health issues.

The Centers for Disease Control confirms some of the health risks linked to poor dental hygiene include diabetes, heart disease, infection, and stroke. Even more surprising, studies show that poor dental health can cause low birth weight in pregnant women. Scientists continue to research these links, as you would not think that dental health could affect a pregnancy. Apparently, it can, which is why dental professionals, such as George Hatzigiannis, cannot stress enough the importance of dental care included in your overall health and wellness routine.

2. Permanent Tooth Replacement

You may see commercials on television about permanent tooth replacement as an option over dentures. Depending on your oral issue, dental implants might be a viable solution to your needs. For patients who need all of most of their teeth replaced, oral surgery can give you a new set of choppers. If you have damaged teeth or a just few teeth that need replacement, a bridge, crowns, dentures, or veneers are other options that are not as invasive as dental implants.

If you opt for the full implants, you will receive permanent new teeth that should last your lifetime. You will be able to use these teeth as you would your original set because the new teeth are screwed into your jawbone. Get past the fear of this procedure and think about eating foods such as corn on the cob again without worry. If you opt for crowns or veneers, these last a long time with proper care, and a bridge or dentures will last several years.

3. Bone Protection

Dental implants offer another benefit over and above their less permanent counterparts and that is jawbone protection. As touched upon above, the new false teeth are screwed directly into your bone, which encourages bone tissue generation. This protects your jawbone from future damage and decay. It really is as if you have real teeth, which is why many patients opt for dental implants over the other options discussed. The implants boost your overall dental health much better.

4. Correct Underlying Problems

Finally, if you brave the knife your oral surgery will correct all problems under your gums. This ensures you retain optimal dental health after the treatment. Tooth decay causes gum disease, which causes jawbone problems, but it can also be caused by problems you cannot see. Handle the issue from tooth to root to bone with a full examination and any necessary oral surgery. Yes, it’s scary, but so is heart disease or having a stroke.

In fact, don’t you think that might be a little scarier? Your oral health affects your overall health, so don’t mess around with it! Stay on top of your dental care and understand that the benefits of oral surgery outweigh your fear.