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Dental Problems in Old Age and Oral Hygiene Tips for the Elderly

Age exposes one to various health risks, including teeth, gums and other oral cavity problems. As it is rightly said, a good oral health is the window to a person’s overall physical health, maintaining the same for the elderly can be a challenging task. For the aged population, oral health depends a lot on nutritional intake, daily physical activities and taking supplements.

With age, the commonest forms of dental concerns include periodontal diseases, toothache, dry mouth syndrome, darkening of teeth, decay of tooth and root, weak tooth, diminished sense of taste, unleveled jawbone, enamel erosion, tooth infection, tooth loss etc. There is also risk of gastritis caused due to ill-fitting dentures. Teeth darkening are familiar which happens due to alteration in dentin and consuming foods and beverages for a long time which causes stain. Dry mouth is also frequent with older adults, caused due to reduced saliva formation in mouth. This can happen due to certain diseases or long term medication. Same goes with diminished sensation to tastes, which happens with age, prolonged medications and diseases. Sometimes, wearing dentures for long also contributes to this dental problem. Again, gum diseases are irksome for many elderly folks. Plaque, tartar, food debris stuck in between teeth, smoking, poor diet and certain diseases only make the problem worse.

Tooth decay is a major problem in old age. This is also known as dental carries or cavities. With age, shielding gum tissue wears away; hence, keeping away plaque and brushing regularly with fluoride toothpaste is mandatory. Aging and negligence of dental care leads to weak tooth, tooth loss, tooth infection, enamel erosion and even oral cancer. Hence, taking care of teeth and applying certain corrective measures is utmost necessary to preserve your oral health in old age. Let’s find out some simple oral care tips for the elderly:

Visit your dentist or hygienist from time to time to get screened for teeth cleaning, dental problems and to find curative measures.Twice a day brushing with fluoride toothpaste, followed by flossing and antiseptic mouth rinse. Maintain a diet rich in fruits, fiber, veggies, dairy products, nuts, green tea and mushrooms. Drink lots of water. Avoid too much sweet or salty food.Rinse your mouth after every morsel of food that goes into your mouth. Floss immediately if there is food debris stuck amid teeth.Along with teeth, take care of gums and tongue for optimal dental health. Cut down on smoking, alcohol and take control of weight gain and stress.Exercise regularly for better teeth a soft-bristled vigilant of any signs of dental problems.

Do not let unwanted dental problems lurk around you and bother you in old age. A little care can go a long way in preserving your teeth!

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