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Will The Effects of Childhood Obesity Kill Children?

Plump, unhealthy kids are more prone to illness than healthy kids. This is a proven fact. There is no dispute!

The effects of childhood obesity include
– Heart disease
– High cholesterol
– High blood pressure
– Diabetes
– Bone problems
– Skin conditions

One in every Five or more children are obese. Who is to blame for the effects of childhood obesity? Many factors lead to the problem…

Wasting time in front of the Computer and Video games, watching TV all day. regard these the main culprits.

Parents mostly have trying and hectic lives. They get really little time to spend on their children and to create much required nourishing home cooked meals for these children.

“Save time, Buy junk food” or similar advertising bombards kids 24/7.

The list endless and unfortunately very depressing.

Responsibility for the effects of childhood obesity rests on whom?

Mother and Father and discipline!

Bad role models…plump, overweight parents. Statistics advise 80% of adults are overweight and 78% do not meet basic recommendations for activity. Great role models we parents are turning out to be!
How is this for a thought; We like to have children and then try to kill them off!
Your priority is?

It is a catch 22 situation. Mom and Dad, you work to create a better life for your family. A comfy, relaxed and good lifestyle may give rise to obesity in your children. The better life may be killing your kids.

As you work day after day to earn a salary. Note the financial consequence that childhood obesity could cost you in medical bills.

Have you thought of the mental challenge for everybody who is trying to aid a obese young person who has developed a grave medical problem which could have been prevented.
The answer! Discipline, old fashioned, out of date discipline. It starts with you the parent. Only your healthy lifestyle will promote your kids to do the same.

Among kids obesity is already a chronic epidemic. There are lots of reasons for the childhood obesity epidemic, but fat parents in most instances ought to take blame.

Mom and Dad, please reverse this abhorrent obesity epidemic among your kids and show the world that it can be done.