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Preparing Food For Diabetic Children

Diabetes in children is a common disease. One has to keep in mind that diabetic child’s nutritional needs are same as those of other children of their age who do not have diabetes. Proper meal planning should be done and also the diet should be revised so as to keep the child’s growth in mind. In general one should keep in mind a child of average weight needs about 1000 calories a day at age one, with additional 100 calories a day added each year. There are two major problems one can say as in keeping your child on track in terms of food:

– Is the need to co ordinate food with insulin injection?- Are the appalling eating habits of children when they are out of their parents’ sight?

Same principals should be followed as elders as in children, regarding insulin injections the timings should be matched to eating times. To minimize a precipitins drop in glucose, child should be given snacks in between meals and at bed times.
School authorities should be taken into confidence if one’s child is actually suffering from diabetes. If the school provides food nutritionist they can make certain that one’s child eats properly without creating special attention. One can have more control if the mothers pack the lunch themselves. Special permission should be obtained from the authorities for the child may be allowed to eat a snack in between when necessary. But with children the common problem which occurs is they often don’t eat what there mothers pack in lunch, often the lunch is either traded with their pals and in few cases they tend to eat junk, and extreme cases actually throw in the garbage.

Children at certain age do need to handle with special care as they need to feel as though they also are integrated member of their peer group, and different in any way whether with appearance, physical deformity and even with so called a small issue of wrong hair cut. If a child does not feel comfortable with the diabetic meal it might be thrown out to prove that the child is no way different from anyone.

It is one of the basic natures of a child to test limits. This is a normal part of growing up, reaching for independence and testing waters of larger worlds. These children actually give try to the diabetic food plan also. Care must be taken that they may not push there blood glucose level to dangerous limits and at the same time they may not stuff themselves with heavily saturated foods. Children should made aware that they’ll get in to trouble as a result it is so important that as a parent the children must be prepared for what to do in case of emergency.

To conclude one must firstly be prepared one self with confidence and knowledge as of how to handle ones child with diabetes. As a parent one should be aware of special needs of the child which are required but without showing much stress to the child. The ADA guidelines list the foods in categories from which one can make exchanges to create flexibility and variety.

Diabetic Children – How to Manage Diabetes in Children

Diabetes is a condition where the pancreas produces insufficient amounts of or no insulin, that effects millions of people world wide. There are two main types of diabetes and the disease can affect people at any stage of life.
When a very young child is diagnosed with diabetes, it can be overwhelming, stressful and trouble for some parents. They are usually worried about how they can managing their child’s diabetes without letting it get in the way of their lives .
It is important to to prepare healthy foods and medical care may be taken in order to help your child keep insulin levels in check. Children with diabetes need to follow a special diet, but the diet should not be limiting. Below are some tips that you can do to manage diabetes in children:

  1. Balance diet
    Part of managing diabetic child includes eating the proper foods and the right amount of servings in order to give the correct amount of insulin. They need a balanced diet of carbohydrate like pasta, bread, rice and starch vegetable.
    Fruit and vegetables should be a major part of the menu plan for diabetic child. Limit the amount of high-fat and high-sugar snacks such as candy, chips, cookies, ice cream and other unhealthy snacks. Encourage your child to eat healthy snacks such as peanut butter, oatmeal, cheese, low-fat yogurt, fruit, or milk and cereal. Your child also need protein in their diet to help improve immune system function, proper growth and repair of cells. Good source of protein include milk, lean meat, eggs, soy beans, peanuts, yogurt or cheese. Read the nutrition food label which give information on serving size, total count grams of protein, carbohydrates, calories, fat, and sodium content.
  2. Exercise
    Make exercise becomes a regular part of your child’s life. Exercise can help to control blood sugar level, increases energy levels and reduce risk of heart disease and other diabetes complications. Parents can manage diabetic child by encouraging participation in regular exercise. In order to control blood sugar level and avoid potential problems, monitor blood sugar during and after physical activity. Consult with your child’s diabetes care team before starting or modifying any exercise program. Your health care team will help you create an exercise program and schedule that is crafted for your child’s needs.
  3. Testing blood sugar
    In order to manage diabetes in children, checking blood glucose periodically. This is one way to keep blood sugar levels in control as well as reduce the risk of long term complication associated with diabetes.