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Is Your Child a Picky Eater?

Eating has a more important role to play in our lives than just providing nutrition. Mealtimes therefore need to be relaxed and fun both for you and your family.

This will not only ensure that your little one gets the much valued nutrition but also bring you closer as a family. After all a family that eats together stays together!

So make meal times fun for your kids and yourself by following some simple rules:Step by Step: Introduce only one new food at a time instead of giving a completely new meal. If you want your child to eat an unfamiliar or new food try and introduce it with something they like. For Example, instead of giving your child palak or methi as a subzi try giving them spinach dhokla.

Small to Big: Use small portion sizes initially while introducing new foods. Gradually move on to bigger portions. Do not force your child to finish the entire plate in one go.

Be Positive: Some children have negative associations with some food. Try to change the form and texture of that food to change the association into more positive ones. For instance some foods remind children of – hospital food- or – hostel food- and they refuse to eat them.

Make Meals Healthier: Try to improve the nutritive value of the food that your child enjoys. For instance if you child likes pastas or pizzas try whole wheat pasta or pizza with a lot of vegetables. Enrich some of the foods with additives. You may add tuna to sandwiches, fruit to cereal or vegetables to pasta, spinach to dosas or carrots to idlis.

Don’t Bribe: Resist giving your child sweets and fried foods to encourage them to eat. You may be doing more harm than good.

Make mealtimes Relaxed and Fun: Avoid TV and other distractions that may lead to overeating or losing interest in food. Talk to your child about their day and share with them your experiences. Your child will look forward to meal times. NEVER use TV as an incentive to eat. This will become a habit later and your child might develop a problem of overeating later in life.

Involve your Child: involve them in buying food by taking them to the supermarket or letting them choose their own menu for one day in a week. This not only teaches them decision making but also helps them get more involved in the preparation of meals. Let your child lay the table or help you clear it and see how involved they get in mealtimes!

Cooking with your child is also a good option. Once in a while, cook interesting but healthy dishes with them. Try making interesting recipes with your kid.

Make a Schedule: do not have erratic meal times and do not encourage your child to eat at odd hours. Plan this schedule according to your child’s lifestyle and convenience and involve them in the process.

Set an Example: Do not talk about your dislike for food in front of your children as they might follow your example. Eat healthy and watch them do the same!

Educate your child on the benefits of healthy eating and healthy living as-and-when you-think-appropriate.

Encourage your Children even when they are Older: In case of older children don’t criticize their eating habits or their body type at any cost! It is important to promote a positive body image. Children may slip into eating disorders very easily.

Keep a Watchful Eye but stay calm: In older children if you notice an extreme desire or pressure from outside to stay thin speak to them about the hazards of eating disorders. If the problem persists do not hesitate to seek medical help.

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Just How Valid Was Your Child’s ADHD Testing, Or Should You Obtain Another Opinion?

If your little one has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, you may well have wondered if their ADHD diagnosis was completely accurate. As a matter of fact, if you’ve undertaken some research with regards to this kind of mental health condition, you’ll most likely have had your concerns.

The number of prescriptions being issued for ADHD medicines has increased so significantly, that one cannot help but question whether there aren’t countless young ones being inappropriately diagnosed. In the for example, a child only needs to exhibit symptoms of hyperactivity in order to be diagnosed with ADHD. In Britain, and most of Europe for that matter, kids additionally will need to show additional problematic behavioral traits such as inattentiveness and impulsivity.

Because of this, several American psychologists and psychiatrists believe that thousands of children in Europe with ADHD are increasingly being left untreated. Similarly, their European counterparts are inclined to think that American kids are undergoing treatment unnecessary. Is this something you need to be startled by?

I honestly wish I could say otherwise, but in truth, an wrong Diagnosis of ADHD is really one thing you don’t need in your life. ADHD prescription meds are amongst the most disputable drugs on the planet, and to date, countless boys and girls have passed away as a direct consequence of these formulations.

If you’re treating your youngster by means of all-natural homeopathic therapies, then I don’t reckon you’ll want to be overly concerned, but when your youngster is on prescription meds, you truly do need to act. Firstly, you need to get yourself a second opinion and preferably even a third opinion from doctors who’ve got loads of experience in this particular field.

Personally, I would never agree to any one of my children being given ADHD prescription drugs, nevertheless please bear in mind that I’m not a health care professional, so I cannot really offer you any medical advice. All I’m saying is that you need to proceed with great caution. If you do some online research, and most especially some research with regards to ADHD fatalities, I’m certain you’ll realize why I’ll never be an advocate of ADHD prescription meds.

Even if these kinds of substances never kill your youngster, do you really need to see your young child being drugged day in and day out with medications which in fact share the exact same DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) classification as cocaine, morphine and opium? Do you actually want your lad or your daughter to be getting the exact same drugs so many junkies are taking on the streets across the nation?

Alarmingly, little ones as early as six are now being given these amphetamine-like treatments and that for the reason that they’re slightly hyperactive, or because they don’t pay acceptable attention inside the classroom. I’m reckoning a teacher’s life is just a whole lot more convenient when they have a classroom packed with easy to handle young children. Every young child sitting utterly still, and every youngster paying full attention to what’s being said – how much easier could it get?

Even if a second or third Diagnosis of ADHD guarantees your kid has the condition, I’d still advocate that you investigate alternative treatment options before you even consider putting your son or daughter on prescribed drugs.

Helping Your Child Deal With Colds

One more means your youngster could obtain a cold is if he or she touches scrubs his eyes or nose after touching an item that an ill individual has actually touched and also moved chilly infections on to. It sends out white blood cells to battle whatever is creating the disease, which in this situation is the cool infection, as well as triggers chilly signs and symptoms. There are no medicines or injections offered that could actuallly treat a chilly, exactly what you could do is to minimize the signs of your youngster’s chilly to aid him or her feeling much better.

An additional method your kid could obtain a cold is if he or she touches massages his eyes or nose after touching a things that an unwell individual has actually touched as well as moved chilly infections on to. When your youngster captures a cool, the infection connects to the within of his or her nose. An individual or kid with colds sneezes due to the fact that the nerves notice the irritability in the nose as well as signifies the lungs to send out a blast of air via the nose and also mouth. It sends out white blood cells to battle whatever is triggering the health problem, which in this situation is the cool infection, and also triggers cool signs and symptoms. There are no drugs or vaccinations offered that could actuallly heal a chilly, exactly what you could do is to relieve the signs of your kid’s cool to assist him or her feeling much better.