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The Basics to Breastfeeding Your Baby

Throughout the 9 months of your pregnancy, nature ensures that your body will be prepared to breast feed your baby. Breastfeeding will give your baby the best source of nutrients, and result in a good healthy start for your baby.

Breastfeeding and nursing your baby is an acquired skill. For both mom and baby, this will require time and patience on both parts. Breastfeeding comes more natural for some mothers and babies, but don’t feel pressure to perform.
If you happen to experience some difficulties in breastfeeding your baby, you can contact your local La Leche League and they will be happy to supply a local lactation consultant. They specialize in helping a new mother to breastfeed her baby, and have a lot of resources to ensure your breastfeeding success!

It is good to begin breastfeeding within an hour after birth if possible, when the baby is alert and the instinct to suck is strong. Although you will not yet be producing milk, your breasts containcolostrum, a thin milky fluid that contains important antibodies to disease

It is good to have your first breastfeeding session within an hour after giving birth, if possible. This is the time that the baby is alert after the activity and work of being born and the sucking instinct is strong. You will not be producing milk this early but your breasts contain colostrum, which is a thin milky fluid that contains important antibodies to disease. It is a perfect first food for your new sweetheart.

Most mums choosing to breastfeed their babies do so because they have been made aware of the lifelong advantages of breastfeeding. But when it comes to the task itself, many feel they have no-one to turn to for information and advice when things are not going as planned. For that reason, a lot of breastfeeding mums give up breastfeeding prematurely.

The World Health Organisation recommends exclusively breastfeeding babies for the first six months of their lives. But many are only breastfed for a few days or weeks.

Breastfeeding is a right every mother has but sometimes you would think this was not the case. What was once an every day occurrence and which was celebrated has, in recent years past, become a bit of a taboo; breastfeeding your child in public. Breastfeeding is now being actively promoted by the health profession and just about everybody now accepts that breast is best. However, there does seem to be a paradox when it comes to breastfeeding. On the one hand you are told to breastfeed but, on the other, you are not exactly encouraged to breastfeed when and wherever you want. Things are changing, slowly. It is up to mothers to continue this change in attitude.

In may sound obvious but before venturing out you should wear suitable clothing. Wear a top that is loose and is easy for you to open (or easily allows baby access to your breast). If you wear a very loose top you can even slip baby underneath so that no unbuttoning is necessary and your breasts remain covered up during feeding. Slings are another good idea. They free up both your hands and you can place baby in such a way that no one would know that you’re breastfeeding.