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Pros and Cons of Dental Treatment Abroad

Dental tourism has been growing by leaps and bounds all over the world for over the past one decade. Many worldwide dental patients are now heading off to neighboring countries in search of affordable, cutting-edge dental treatments for decaying teeth, which are generally expensive in their own countries.

We normally don’t think of sightseeing while going under the knife, but a growing number of people have started clubbing up dental treatments with vacationing in exotic lands such as India, Thailand, Mexico and Costa Rica.
Dental holidaying is the new buzz word in the medical tourism industry that is spreading so quickly that a stupendous number of Western patients now are considering travelling to less developed countries that are offering dental procedures at affordable prices

In many emerging economies of the world, fees for cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, crowns and bridges are more than 50% less than in the affluent American, Australian and European countries.

Since many dental treatments are classed as restorative and cosmetic procedures and are not covered by regular health insurance policy, dental treatment abroad can mean huge savings for many uninsured people.
There are several countries that are offering First-World medical care at Third-World prices. But the most preferred health tourism destinations that draw millions of medical tourists from every corner of the world every year include Argentina, India, Thailand, Belgium, Czech Republic, Philippines, Singapore, Poland, Mexico, Turkey, Ukraine and Costa Rica.

It’s not just the low cost of dental care that lures offshore patients, the superior quality of dental care and presence of internationally accredited, multi-specialty hospitals in these faraway countries play an equally important role in attracting a huge influx of dental tourists.

Dentistry abroad also gives you an opportunity to combine a relaxing holidays, away from the daily stress of life, with your dental treatment. But it too has its own ups and downs. Mentioned below are some of these advantages and disadvantages:


The biggest advantage of having dentistry abroad is huge savings. You can avail care for your missing teeth in any medical tourism destination at fabulously lower prices. For instance, if you are going to have your dental treatment, say in Thailand, you will actually save 70 percent of your bill even after factoring in the airfare and cost of the vacation activities.
Some international dental practices work with medical financial service agencies that offer attractive finance schemes for offshore dental patients.
Another advantage is that several trained doctors and surgeons abroad are trained at prestigious dental schools and are providing their high level of expertise at very competitive prices.

What’s more, aftercare provided by dental tourism hubs is usually equal to that at Westerns dental offices.

The added advantage of having dental work is that the people for whom taking a leave from the job isn’t always easy can combine their vacation and treatment into one trip.


A language barrier can be the major obstacle if you are considering getting your dental problems fixed outside your country. Medical staff in a foreign land may not speak or understand your language, making it difficult for you to communicate effectively with your dentist.

If something goes wrong with treatment after returning home, it may take toll on the saving you have made, as you will need to fly back to get the problem rectified.

Dental treatments like crowns and implants require multiple visits, costing you a lot of money.

An overseas dental office cannot give you proper follow-up care. Moreover, it would be a cumbersome process of pursuing a claim for medical negligence against an overseas dentist.