Frequently Asked Questions About the Cost of Dental Implants, PART

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cost of Dental Implants, PART 1

The cost of dental implants is grossly misunderstood by the vast majority of people who need one or more of their teeth replaced. Most patients, when recommended implants as a course of action respond with:

“Aren’t dental implants really expensive?”

“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly afford one!”

“Isn’t there anything cheaper that’ll do the trick?”

As a result of this misconception, patients opt for inferior dental hardware, such as bridges or removable denture, instead of the newer and more sophisticated technology offered by skilled and experienced implant dentists. In this four-part article series, we shall therefore strive to dispel the myths surrounding the cost of dental implants and help you to understand what you’re paying for, why and how this will ultimately benefit you tremendously in the long run.

FAQ: What can I expect the cost of dental implants to be?

Answer: The cost of dental implants varies widely depending on many different factors (see next question.) The approximate amount you can expect to pay for the various dental implant procedures looks something as follows:

Please note that all of these costs are estimates. For a more accurate understanding of what you will need to pay to get a functional bite and a beautiful and confident smile back, schedule a consultation with a qualified and experienced implant dentist.

FAQ: What influences the cost of dental implants?

Answer: The price you are required to pay to have your oral health completely restored with dental implants depends on many different factors.

Stay Tuned for More on the Cost of Dental Implants

To read more FAQ about the cost of dental implants, stay tuned for the second installment of this four-part article series, courtesy of qualified and experienced implant dentists.